Sell Your Textbooks is a book buyback company catering to faculty and administration staff at colleges and universities. 

Our goal is to earn your repeat buyback business by providing you with the best buyback prices for your unwanted book inventory coupled with excellent customer service. 

WE ARE DIFFERENT than other buyback sites:

  1. We are small and don't have aspirations to be the largest site. We prefer to work with a smaller number of repeat customers and focus on the academic institution market.

  2. Because online buyback pricing is so fluid, we don't provide instant buyback quotes. We usually only take a few hours to get back to you with what we guarantee will be the best buyback quote. 

  3. We pay in advance. Once you've worked with us a few times you will be paid in advance of shipping us your books. We work this way because we enjoy good working relationship with our customers. 

  4. We buyback many older editions, even older instructor editions.